The well drilling company BOTTI ELIO  S.a.s. - Impresa di Perforazioni was established in the 1950s and is based in Adria, located in the province of Rovigo, Italy. Thanks to the experience gained in the methane-producing and mining sector, in the 1960s Botti Elio decided to specialise in water well drilling developing drilling techniques and protocols that soon enabled the company to become a sector leader and among the first businesses in Italy to use a rotation system with reversed sludge circulation.
Today the company specialises in drilling water wells at extreme depths, up to -1200 m.
In more than sixty years of business as a key player in the strategic sectors of water searching, extracting and collection, BOTTI ELIO S.a.s. has achieved a level of know-how that makes it possible to provide a complete range of services, which include the eco-compatible drilling of water wells up to a depth of -1200 for extracting hot water that can also be used for geothermal purposes, and drilling using a rotation system with reverse sludge circulation up to - 900 m. In addition to deep and wide diameter wells (1200 mm), the company also designs lifting and geothermal systems, bailing systems, and carries out capacity testing, integrated video inspections up to -1200 m, and, upon request, will draft reports and proposals for technical interventions.

The growing focus on problems linked to the consumption and eco-sustainable use of hydrogeological resources has found in BOTTI ELIO S.a.s. - Impresa di Perforazioni - Adria (Ro) a highly reliable collaborator, able to provide cutting-edge solutions.

Since 2011, BOTTI ELIO – Impresa Perforazioni has been a partner in the European project named WARBO (WATER RE-BORN - Artificial Recharge: Innovative Technologies for the Sustainable Management of Water Resources). The WARBO project responds to the need to protect and develop the world's water and ecosystems, by regulating the artificial recharge of water beds and the study of different application methods, so as to regulate the applications for protecting natural resources.  The project focuses on sites with problems concerning the deterioration in quality and quantity of water sources featuring ecosystems of interest to the entire EU and, where urgent measures are required to fight water shortages, developing protocols for correctly managing recharge activities. The application of artificial recharge enables compliance with EU Water Directives (Directive 2000/60/EC, Italian Legislative Decree 152/2006; Directive 2006/118/EC on the protection of groundwater against pollution and deterioration) and lowering of the imbalance between the demand and available resources for human, agricultural, industrial and artisanal usages, which require fresh water. (Coordinator: the OGS - National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics; Partners: University of Ferrara – Department of Earth Sciences; University of Udine - Department of Georesources and Land; University of Padua – Department of Mathematical Methods and Models for Applied Sciences; the ARPAFVG Regional Agency for Environmental Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia; Municipality of Copparo; Botti Elio S.a.s.; TARH – Terra, Ambiente e Recursos Hídricos, EUREKOS srl.)

In the past few years, greater attention toward the use of water sources and consumption has led users of wells to keep the hydraulic efficiency of the same under control and perform, when necessary, recovery operations. BOTTI ELIO – Impresa di Perforazioni promptly responded to this new need and is able to provide evaluations determining whether or not actions are required as well as perform a vast range of restoration operations and also carry out  cleaning, tube fitting,cementing, extraction and filter replacement.  Other services provided also include the repair, reclamation and cleaning of wells using both traditional methods as well innovative solutions.
BOTTI ELIO – Impresa di Perforazioni is equipped to work continuously to avoid the stagnation of sludge resulting from water bed drilling. This is a technique that, together with the cleaning of the reverse circulation drilling, makes it possible to build clean and therefore more productive wells, thus resulting in respect for the environment and water supplies.
The preparation of technicians and specialized workers and the organisation of the sites make it possible for Botti Elio – Impresa di Perforazioni to face and solve particular problems and guarantee the continuity of operations.With constant focus on the needs and expectations of the customer, Botti Elio – Impresa di Perforazioni has chosen quality to be the characteristic element of its company policy and is among the few in the sector to have achieved certification attesting the conformity of the qualitysystem with UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 standards. In addition, the company has been awarded the Italian SOA certification for category 0s21 CLASSIFICATION III.
Always watchful of problems linked to the environment, BOTTI ELIO S.a.s has asserted its position as a leading company also in the field of science and culture, and in 2004  designed the project “Come Acqua Saliente” - literally, like rising water - for promoting the rising importance of the culture of water, as a contribution to the protection of hydrologic wealth. This project, which is part of the programme Industria e/è Cultura - industry and/is culture – sponsored by the Confederation of Italian Industry and the Veneto Region, features conferences, study seminars in collaboration with the Department of Geosciences of the University of Padua and the Order of Geologists of the Veneto Region, the “Elio Botti – Come Acqua Saliente” award and GOCCE, a periodical publication containing information, science and culture linked to water.

BOTTI ELIO – Impresa di Perforazioni is a member of ANIPA (National Association of Hydrogeology and Water Wells) that is part of the Confederation of Italian Industry through FINCO (Federation of Industries, Products, Systems and Services for Constructions).




Botti Elio - via Emanuele Filiberto 45011 Adria (Ro) - tel. 0426.22462 - info@bottielio.it